Delivering natural flood management in ScotlandSeptember 18, 2018

There has been increasing interest in more sustainable approaches to flood risk management that can complement existing defences and increase their resilience and adaptability to climate change, writes Heather Forbes


Smart cities and connected futures – a reportSeptember 18, 2018

At the recent Futurescope Conference in Dublin, Jamie Cudden, programme manager, Smart Dublin, moderated a discussion on the hype, current reality, and promises of the smart city concept


Robot cities: three urban prototypes for future livingSeptember 18, 2018

From hyper-robotised Tokyo to smartest Singapore and happy, crime-free Dubai, these three examples show that robots are perceived as means to achieve global futures based on a specific national imagination, writes Mateja Kovacic


Engineered sand zaps stormwater pollutantsSeptember 18, 2018

Engineers have created a new way to remove contaminants from stormwater, potentially addressing the needs of water-stressed communities that are searching for ways to tap the abundant and yet underused source of fresh drinking water

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